Hawaii Behavioral Health

HBH was created in 1993 to develop programs involving evidence-based approached to improve the educational, behavioral, and health/wellness outcomes for Hawaii's youth and families. HBH has demonstrated a superior ability in attracting and retaining the best mental health professionals. Our philosophy stems from the premise that each individual has strengths and capabilities that can be developed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Every client will be treated with respect, courtesy and the right to privacy. Our clinical team is dedicated to providing the best treatment practices for our clients. We acknowledge the values and uniqueness of all individuals. We work collaboratively with our clients to provide a supportive therapeutic setting. Our licensed service professionals are trained in a variety of treatment interventions.

Services Provided

1. ABA Therapy

2. Early Intervention

3. Diagnostic Assessments

4. Social Skills

5. BCBA Supervision Hours

6. Center-Based Services

7. Adult and Teen Services

8. Transitional Foster Home

9. Intensive In-Home

10. Medication Management

11. Skills Trainer

12. Personal Habilitation

Job Opportunities