JOB SERIES: A Day In The Life Of An ABA 1:1 Instructor, Fire Team Lead

Hannah Clements, at Reaching Milestones, is an ABA 1:1 Instructor providing one-on-one ABA services in addition to providing support to other therapists as needed.


<p>Hannah shares with us what motivated her to join the ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) field, challenges faced, and what a typical day as an ABA 1:1 Instructor, Fire Team Lead looks like for her.</p>

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<p><strong>When did you first hear about ABA and how did you become involved in ABA? </strong>I first heard about it in college. My institution offered a series of classes that allowed students to be eligible to sit for their BCaBA exam. I became involved in ABA when I heard about an available position with <a href=""><em>Reaching Milestones</em></a>.</p>

<p><strong>What motivated you to join the ABA field? </strong>In college I had some experience with behavior change during a lab, but I was motivated to join the ABA field specifically because I just graduated and wanted to find a job in my field.&nbsp;</p>

<p><strong>How did you hear about the organization you work for? </strong>A friend of mine from college was an employee for <em><a href="">Reaching Milestones </a></em>and told me about the job.&nbsp;</p>

<p><strong>How long have you been with the organization? </strong>Almost two and a half years.&nbsp;</p>

<p><strong>What position were you hired for initially, and what position are you in now? </strong>I was hired as an ABA 1:1 Instructor. I am currently an ABA 1:1 Instructor and Fire Team Lead.</p>

<p><strong>What were some challenges you faced when you first started in the ABA field? </strong>The biggest challenge for me coming into the ABA field was thinking behaviorally. Changing the way I think about behavior and surrounding events was a big change.&nbsp;</p>

<p><strong>What does a typical day look like for you? </strong>From 8am to 12pm I will either see a client 1:1 or provide support to two clients from 8am to 10am and from 10am to 12pm. Then, from 1pm to 5pm I will either see a client 1:1 or provide support to two clients from 1pm to 3pm and from 3pm to 5pm. My days are spent focusing on functional communication, teaching skill acquisition, teaching ADL&rsquo;s (teeth brushing, toileting, etc) and reducing problem behaviors while teaching appropriate replacement behaviors.&nbsp;</p>

<p><strong>What is the best part of working with your organization? </strong>The support and communication. My organization is the definition of teamwork, and we&rsquo;re always working to improve our fidelity to ensure our clients are getting quality therapy. We&rsquo;re constantly striving to better ourselves as therapists, which results in better therapy for our clients. My team is also striving to better themselves professionally- we&rsquo;re always looking for ways in which we can communicate with one another more effectively and seeking out ways to increase our knowledge of the ABA world.</p>

<p><strong>What is the best part of working in the ABA field? </strong>Seeing behaviors change. Watching a client who starts therapy with little to no verbal communication begin speaking or signing, or watching a client who begins therapy with severe problem behavior begin engaging in appropriate alternative behaviors.&nbsp;</p>

<p><strong>What kind of support do you receive from your immediate supervisor and the organization as a whole? </strong>I receive support with each client, in the form of fidelity checks and separate check ins. My supervisors check in with me to make sure I&rsquo;m progressing professionally as well.&nbsp;</p>

<p><strong>Would you recommend others to join the organization you work for? If so, why? </strong>Yes! This organization is great to work for. It&rsquo;s not perfect, no organization is, but the benefits at Reaching Milestones outweigh the imperfections. This organization promotes autonomy (for both clients and therapists) and encourages it&rsquo;s employees to better themselves for the good of the client. This organization is 100% client focused - nothing at Reaching Milestones is done out of selfish ambition.&nbsp;</p>

<p><strong>What advice or tips would you give to someone who wanted to work in the ABA industry? </strong>Be flexible and be patient. These kiddos will grab a hold of your heart, but they will also frustrate you from time to time. Understand that these are new skills for them, and focus on the progress they&rsquo;ve made rather than what they aren&rsquo;t doing.&nbsp;</p>

<p><strong>What was your favorite toy growing up and why? </strong>Books. As a child I loved reading - I would pick reading over friends.&nbsp;</p>

<p><strong>Tell me something that people wouldn&rsquo;t expect of you &ndash; hobby, interest, etc. </strong>I love to travel to new places, especially places that aren&rsquo;t typical &ldquo;tourist destinations&rdquo;. I enjoy experiencing new cultures and making friends all over the globe. I love learning new languages, trying new foods, and living out of a backpack for a few weeks hopping from hostel to hostel.&nbsp;</p>


<p><em><a href=""><strong>Reaching Milestones</strong></a> is hiring ABA 1:1 Instructors, Master&#39;s Level 1:1 Instructors, Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), Program Technicians, and Insurance AR Specialists throughout Florida, Georgia, New York, and South Carolina. Join <a href="">Reaching Milestones </a>and be a part of a wonderful and supportive team! <strong><a href=""><u>To apply, click here.</u></a></strong></em></p>


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